A Brief History of Minkai

Jade Regent – Timeline of Events


LONG, LONG AGO – The gods of Tian intervened on behalf of their worshippers.  They imprisoned all the Oni a prison made especially for them – The House of Withered Blossoms.  Surrounding the prison is the Forest of Spirits.  They charged their servants – the kami – with guarding the prison.  By the mandate of the gods, the kami were bound to the forest and the Oni to the prison. 


ALSO LONG AGO – the gods created the 5 imperial seals – one for each imperial family.  Only those approved by the seal, one chosen by the seal bearer, or one chosen by the seal itself (should a family line go extinct) could ever sit on the Jade Throne.


MANY CENTURIES AGO – The head of one of the Oni clans concocted a plan.  Through the use of dark magics and human sacrifice, he could create a portal that would allow him to escape his prison.  He, and those who pledged their loyalty to him, would be free to wreck havoc upon the continent and, if they were cruel enough and clever enough, could even position themselves to take the Jade Throne itself.


FIVE CENTURIES AGO – The evil Oni Chieftain achieved his goal.  After centuries of scheming and thousands of living sacrifices, he amassed enough magical energy to pierce the barrier keeping him and his kind trapped inside the confines of the pagoda.  Further, because the portal was deep inside the prison, the kami would be unable to enter to shut it down.  Even better, because the gods decreed that the kami were bound to the prison as long as a single Oni remained inside.  This would force their jailors to become prisoners, forced to remain in the forest to guard the now nearly-empty prison, and the Oni would have the freedom to wreck havok upon the rest of the entire continent.


SEVERAL CENTURIES AGO – The now freed Oni Chieftain founds the Five Storms ninja clan.  Most of these ninjas are fiends, half-fiends or Tieflings of Oni descent, loyal to the Oni cause.  Those Tieflings who could pass as human begin infiltrating the upper ranks of society, gaining power and influence. 


FOUR CENTURIES AGO – The Oni Chieftain begins making his move.  Using the power and influence he’s gathered, he maneuvers the Imperial families into position, using his loyal ninjas to poison, assassinate or kidnap all the legitimate heirs to the Jade Throne one by one until only several dozen remain.



– Ameiko’s family, fearing the worst, leaves Minkai under the cover of darkness, leaving nearly all their worldly possessions behind in the possession of a trusted friend.  Travelling over the crown of the world, he eventually leads an anonymous life in a sleepy little town called Sandpoint.

– The Oni Chieftan was finally nearly ready to make his move.  Positioning one of his Tiefling great-grandchildren as a childhood friend of the young emperor Shiguro, he finally had someone within the inner circle of the Jade Emperor himself.  A few decades more, and things would finally be ready.

– Four of the five families are completely destroyed, and the three of the five Imperial Seals captured by enemy Oni or ninja assassins.  One seal has been lost for decades.  Only the Emperor and his seal stand in the way of the Oni Chieftain’s grand scheme.  The Jade Emperor’s advisor, guard and friend (who is secretly working for the Oni) convinces that the Five Storm Ninjas are coming for him next.  The threat is imminent, and the only safe place for him is on the ancestral island, since only the Imperial Families know how to access it.  No one knows what happened on the island.  However, some time after, the Jade Regent emerged, claimed the Jade Throne, and had ruled Minkai with a spiky iron fist ever since.



Ameiko Amatatsu of the Imperial Family Amatatsu — a family line thought long dead — returns from the opposite side of the world, with an army of rough and tumble round-eyed mercenaries.  Allying themselves with noblemen, ninja clans, and the military alike, they form a coalition that was able to weaken and eventually depose the usurper Jade Regent.

A Brief History of Minkai

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