It has been 200 years since the Jade Regent was overthrown and the legitimate heir to the Jade Throne reclaimed the title of Empress.  That conquest, however, was hard fought and, as with many victories, came with a steep price — one that the once-proud nation of Minkai is still paying for.

Modern day Minkai is a shadow of its former self.  It has lost both territory (Minkai is now just over half the size), has lost influence (Minkai's military and political influence are barely enough to secure its borders), and lost much of its former prestige.

Now, as enemies gather amass outside Minkai's borders, the Jade Emperor's advisors enact a desperate plan to secure their borders and for Minkai to regain its former glory and position as crown jewel of Tian.  A new generation of heroes, descended from or inspired by the heroes of yore, are given a quest to do battle with the nation's enemies, and return peace and prosperity for all.



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