Game Log


Our story begins a day's travel north of the Minkai border, in a fort-turned-inn known locally as "Oleg's Trading Post".  Meet Oleg, the proprietor, and his wife Svetlana, who run the post and discover that over the past few months, they've been plagued by monthly visits by a band of raiders. 

Agreeing to help the couple, the group sets up an ambush for the raiders, slaying half their number and capturing the rest.  The survivors are given an ultimatum, return to Minkai, turn themselves in to the authorities.  So intimidated by their battle prowess, they cross the border, showing all signs of giving up their life of crime.



Realizing they've lost the opportunity to follow the bandits back to their camp, they resort to following their trail from wherever they came from.  It takes some effort, but the group retraces the bandits steps and find several run-down cabins hosting a number of potential bandits.

When challenged, the bandits decide to fight.  Though difficult, the group prevails, slaying most of the enemies, although allowing one — an enemy spellcaster — to escape.  However, before she disappears into the night, she leaves behind a journal.

Game Log

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